Permanent appointment of Chief Executive

John Livesey has now been confirmed as the permanent Chief Executive of Bolton Cares.

John has worked in local government and in children and adults services for over 20 years. He was previously Acting Director of Adults and Children’s Services at Bolton Council and was involved in the setting up of Bolton Cares from the start. He joined Bolton Cares last April on a secondment from the council and has successfully steered the company through its first year.

John decided that he wanted to commit to the company permanently and applied for the job when it was advertised last month. He was put through a challenging assessment centre involving a technical interview, written test, role play, psychometric testing, presentation and Steering Committee interview. After successfully completing the assessment centre and interview, he has now been confirmed as the permanent Chief Executive. As a new employee of Bolton Cares, John is employed on the company’s terms and conditions.

John is passionate about the success of the company and also about providing top quality care for our service users and looks forward to working alongside and supporting staff, as he takes the company forward in the future.