We have a range of activities aimed to offer you support and help, we hope you'll have fun and make friends along the way.

Read our Enhanced Day Care Newletter to find out more about activities run in our centres across Bolton.

Art and craft

Create your own memory scrapbook or learn to sew, there’s plenty of activities to keep you inspired.


Have your own bake off challenge and use our state of the art kitchens to let your creative juices flowing.

Beauty and hair

Pamper yourself with a quality haircut or visit our mini nail salon run by professionals.

Carer Drop Ins

If you’re a carer, then these sessions will help you meet others and get advice or support needed.


Keep active with our chair based exercises that will leave you energised.


Enjoy games that will help you stimulate your mind and keep you entertained at the same time.


Get your green fingers ready and blossom your skills in our specially created gardening area.

Holistic therapy

Treat yourself to aromatherapy or facials and many other treatments at our centres by qualified therapists.


If you enjoy music, tea and cake, then you’ll love attending our music related activities.

Pets As Therapy

Pet As Therapy is a national charity who train animals for companionship or friendship to tackle loneliness.


These activities help to preserve your memories in creative ways.


Enjoy watching a play in the comfort of one of our centres or a day out with a visit to the theatre.