Jubilee Centre

Bolton Council and Bolton Cares want to build a state-of-the-art day centre in Halliwell

Further consultation on the Jubilee Centre: have your say

Thank you for bearing with us whilst the architects completed their concept design based upon what you told us during the engagement events. A number of different ideas were explored but eventually they have delivered a design for the building which is the same size as the current Jubilee Centre. The design is all on one level, like you asked, with some separation between the pool area and the day centre. The architects believe this design is able to accommodate the multiple uses of this building and requirements of its users.

In addition to the functional requirements of the building there were two other important factors in the brief given to the architects. These were that:

  • the whole project must be delivered within our allocated budget; and
  • that the day centre and pool must remain open during the build.

When the developers explored the different concepts it became evident that, whilst it could fit on the site, it could only be built if either the day centre or pool was closed for a period during the build. They estimated this could be as long as 50 weeks. Also, as the build would have to take place in two phases it also meant the costs considerably exceeded our allocated budget.

Sadly, this means that it is not feasible to build a big enough centre, in line with your requirements, on this site without disruption to the centre or pool users.

This does not mean we do not want to build you a beautiful new centre and pool. We do. Therefore, we are going to ask the Cabinet of the council if we could build it somewhere else.

We have two pieces of land which are vacant, available and fit for purpose. These are:

  • the site of the old Falcon View day centre on Cotton Street; and
  • part of the old Firwood school site off Crompton Way.

We are not yet at a formal planning application stage because we want views from service users and residents to influence which of the two sites is taken forward to the next stage.

This is your chance to give your views. You can do this in a number of ways:

Complete our online questionnaire

Send your views on an email to jubilee@boltoncares.org.uk; or

Drop-in to the existing Jubilee Centre, Darley Street, Bolton, BL1 3DX at 4pm on 15 August to tell us what you think.

For your views to count – please get them to us by Friday 14 September so that we can include them in the consultation.

People who use the centre, which includes adults with learning disabilities and members of the wider community will be central to saying how the new building will look and what services it will provide.

What we've done so far

People who use the centre, which includes adults with learning disabilities and members of the wider community will be central to saying how the new building will look and what services it will provide.

We will retain the swimming pool facility.

The opportunity to completely rebuild the centre has resulted from a significant capital investment from Bolton Council.

Initial consultation with service users, their families, staff and other organisations who use the centre has now concluded.

Construction firm Willmott Dixon will now use the consultation results along with information about how the building is used to carry out a feasibility study for the council. The feasibility study will work out indicative costs, whereabouts on the site the new building could be positioned and potential building stages.

As part of this process architects Pozzoni have been appointed to develop concept designs – sketches or models to help visualise the ideas put forward in the feasibility study. Pozzoni are a local company based in Altrincham who have lots of experience in designing buildings for people with disabilities including autism and also pools and spas. This is an early part of the design process and further engagement with users of the building will take place before the final design is agreed.

Questions and answers about the new centre

Will there still be a pool facility at the new centre?

Yes, the plan is to include a hydro therapy pool in the design of the new building.

Will the centre be closing?

At this stage we don’t expect the centre to close, but we won’t know for sure until the full design, size of the new building and site safety arrangements are clear.

If for any reason we need to close, alternative arrangements will be made.

Will the new centre be open at weekends?

The opening times will be confirmed when the consultation period has finished.

Are there plans to keep the garden space or create a new one?

We will include a garden space as part of the design.

Will there be some quieter areas in the centre?

The building will be designed to meet the needs of everyone including those who like quiet spaces to retreat.

How will the new building be decided on?

We will be working with Bolton Council and Wilmott Dixon to appoint an architect with the right experience and creativity to design and build a new centre.

Their brief will be based on what we’ve learnt from the consultation.

Have your say

There are several ways to share your ideas…
  • Talk to staff at the Jubilee Centre
  • Attend one of the Jubilee consultation meetings.
  • Join a family forum group that will meet periodically.
  • Email us you email contact details and we will send you email updates.

What we need from you…

  • Ideas about what would make a great day for your relative.
  • The support your relative would need to have a great day.
  • Places where your relative might want to go.
  • Tell us what their passions are.

Send your ideas to jubilee@boltoncares.org.uk.


Who should I talk to if I have any concerns?

You can talk to the centre manager, Dawn Atherton on 01204 331207 or dawn.atherton@boltoncares.org.uk.

Or Lisa Griffiths-Wood, Operations Manager who will be setting up some family and carer forums, you can email her on lisa.griffiths-Wood@boltoncares.org.uk.

Bolton Council and Bolton Cares