What is shared lives

What is shared lives?

What is shared lives?

Shared lives Our shared lives service aims to maintain and develop an individual’s independent living skills within a family based, community setting.

In Shared Lives the goal is an ordinary family life, where everyone gets to contribute to real relationships and are able to be active, valued citizens. People living in Shared Lives may also enjoy other activities and support during the day which help them to live their own independent and fulfilling lives – just like in every family. Many people moving into Shared Lives arrangements from other, more formal, parts of the care system are able to do things for the first time in their lives – learn to cook, volunteer, work, start relationships with friends and go on holiday.

Benefits for people who use the service include:

  • Development of relationships in a family setting
  • A more active lifestyle, where individuals get to contribute and enjoy activities in a supported environment
  • Improvement to independence and the chance to do things for the first time, such as learn to cook, volunteer, work, start relationships with friends, go on holiday

Shared Lives Carers:

  • Come from all walks of life and choose to become a carer for a variety of reasons
  • Are passionate and dedicated about people
  • Undergo an approval process
  • Are given full training, support and generous payment package
  • Offer a room in their home and time in their lives to help develop an individual’s independence and skills

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